Common problems in the behavior of children

Children capricious , do not listen , rude , refuse to eat and talk with parents ... In general, adults such behavior is perceived as quite expected , and a measure of restraint in all cases one - severe punishment. Sometimes whims and disobedience indicate the occurrence of another crisis in child development , but most of all - it is the result of the wrong approach to the education of the parents and error . Consider the most common behavioral problems detoy possible causes of these problems and correction methods.

Moods, meaningless questions

The child is full of toys, which for some reason he does not play . Instead , to give parents a little bit tired to rest after a hard day , the child begins to stick to my mom and dad with silly questions , constantly distracted , pull, do not listen to ... in general - do anything to attract attention . Typically, the reason for this behavior lies in the very lack of attention , because the kid feels love mom and dad then how to play them . Try to carve out at least an hour in the evening to play with the baby. Talk about his affairs and problems , share your impressions per day, read fairy tales. The more attention to receive your kid - the greater the chance that he does not want to be capricious.