What is self-centeredness?

All children from birth - egocentric . By 10-12 years egocentrism disappears , people learn to respect other people's interests , perebaryvat their "want" . In fact, self-centeredness - the inability to see the situation through the eyes of another person , full concentration on their own feelings and comfort. Egocentric selfish , he is interested in only his own benefit , for which he will do anything . Similar to that of a small child , is not it? Little man just does not understand why he had to help my mother why my mother is tired and can not play with him , because he wants the same ! As we have said , in a normal situation egocentrism child disappears by 10-12 years of life, but sometimes the parents themselves to nurture baby egocentrism . This happens if mom and dad do everything for the comfort of the child, run to perform the vagaries of the first baby is his request . In such families, the child - the center of everything . He is revered , he paid full attention , sacrifice their own interests , but at the same time, the child has no responsibilities in the family - his only comfort is important . Growing up , the child adopts the consumer attitude towards others , including parents. As a teenager to deal with egocentrism too late. How can observe the " golden mean" to grow harmonious personality ? First of all , the child must always be family responsibilities . You can not perform all the whims of your baby if they are not justified . And, of course , parents should think about their own interests . This does not mean you have to go about their lives , oblivious to the child (remember the " golden mean "). Over time, the child will learn to understand and respect the interests of mothers and fathers.