Children quarrel: What should I do?

Remember that everyone has their own truth , and if the kids had a fight , let them speak . Try to time to find a stumbling block - it is necessary to examine all points of view , and not know the situation as presented by one of the children . Discuss with the children acceptable scenario for resolving the conflict . If necessary , prompts kids options , and they choose the one that will satisfy both. Not to give children extra cause for jealousy , sharing sweets, toys and tokens ( from kissing to read fairy tales ) equally among all children. Pay attention to their offspring in the strife of other children. Show how stupid and ugly it looks from the outside. Alien example always helps kids to shame . Allow a child to express what he thinks about the brother / sister. Better listen to him , he sympathize a little , but to explain why the second child did so , anyway. Teach your child to express their anger or protest some friendly way , without resorting to fight or cry . For example, he can draw his offense or write about it in a letter . And drawing, and writing can be symbolically destroyed, but in the process the children can make friends .