Authoritarian parenting style

In this style of parenting the child receives very little support and warmth from their parents, it exists in a pre- established framework , for which he was not allowed to go out. All actions are strictly controlled by the baby from an early age the child should obey the rules of conduct. In the relations between parent and child is almost no understanding , parents are not going to compromise. Often practiced penalties , including physical . This style of parenting is quite common in the former Soviet space, usually the parents brought in this way, and they just do not know how else to deal with children . As a rule, authoritarian parents tend to control everything , but they have low self esteem and do not know how to work with children. In principle , authoritative parents are well-intentioned . They want to instill in their children responsibility and diligence. Usually their kids did grow up with such qualities of character, but at the same time they themselves often suffer from low self-esteem , afraid to make mistakes , much worry because of failures. These children - perfectionists who in adulthood tend to be ahead , hoping for recognition of their actions and abilities. Excessive perfectionism is not always to the benefit of man. Stress , overexertion , depression , neuroses on the background of high anxiety - the possible consequences of an authoritarian parenting style .