Selfishness, egotism and altruism

Misunderstanding of the problem of child selfishness often comes from ignorance of the terminology and features of the development of the child. Selfishness - is taking care of yourself , a sense of self-worth , in which man is capable of altruistic behavior and can put themselves in the place of another . The fact that selfishness - an integral part of our personality . In " healthy" and selfishness , there is absolutely nothing wrong , but the selfless altruism makes you wonder about the psychological problems of the individual. Why altruism - is bad and selfishness - vice versa? Numerous studies suggest that altruism is more inherent in people with high levels of trait anxiety , are trying to gain recognition from others by their actions and victims , while egoists can not find a "middle ground " between her and foreign interests . So there is nothing wrong if the baby will be a little selfish , most importantly, that selfishness is not turned into a self-centeredness . It is on the egocentrism complaining parents, teachers and caregivers and without timely correction and educational measures this trait will harm both to the child throughout his life, and the people who surround him.